How it works

My Jobstream is an online marketplace where I.T. freelancers are hired to work on I.T. projects. Watch the video for a demonstration.


The Process
My Jobstream connects Australian small and medium businesses with Australian-based I.T. specialists. The platform provides all the tools you will need to communicate, track work hours and allow secure payments between the client and the specialist.

It’s easy to post and manage a project even if you’re not the so “I.T. savvy”. We walk you through it every step of the way, and our support team is always available if you have any questions.



  1. Post your I.T. project and attract specialists with the right skills to work for you either on-site or off-site. Alternatively, you can search through our database and approach your chosen specialist directly (If you have an I.T. problem but are not exactly sure what skills you need to solve it, then contact My Jobstream and we can provide the right advice)
  2. Review offers received from our specialists
  3. Select the right specialist for your project and pay the project fee into the PromisePay Vault
  4. Manage your project through the tools provided by My Jobstream
  5. Release payment once the project has been completed and you are satisfied


- It's free to register as a client, post projects and search for specialists.
- Only pay a 10% management fee on the cost of your project when you start working with a specialist


  1. Find a project you would like to work on or wait to be approached directly
  2. Submit a quote
  3. Begin working once you have received confirmation and payment has been deposited into the PromisePay Vault
  4. Once the project has been completed and approved, payment is released


- It's free to register as a specialist, search and bid for projects
- Only pay a 3% processing fee, subtracted from your project payment when funds are transferred from the escrow account