We use PromisePay as our secure escrow payments provider to carry out all transactions on MyJobstream.

By sitting between both the buyer and seller, PromisePay acts as a trusted third party that collects, holds, and releases payments once both parties are satisfied. This gives the specialist assurance they’ll be paid for their work, and the client confidence they won’t pay for anything they don’t approve. By using bank level security, fraud measures and world class encryption, PromisePay protects you, your financial information, and any transactions you make on our site.


PromisePay escrow is the safest way to transact online.
PromisePay is an escrow payment provider that ensures clients never release payment for anything until they are satisfied with delivery, and specialists are ensured that the funds are there before they start work.

  1. Client makes payment
    The client securely transfers the agreed amount to the PromisePay Vault where it is locked away for safekeeping.
  2. Specialist delivers item to the buyer
    As per the agreed MyJobStream terms, the specialist completes the service for the client.
  3. Specialist gets paid
    The client is satisfied and releases the agreed amount which is transferred to the specialist from the PromisePay Vault.


Your funds will always be protected and secure
All funds moving through PromisePay are held securely in a custodian account held by our trusted partner bank. In the unlikely event we go out of business, your funds remain secure and retrievable.


Resolving issues along the way
If problems arise during the transaction, you have options. The first being refunds, in which specialists can return locked funds. The second being disputes, where all funds are locked until the issue has been resolved.


Your financial data is stored securely offsite
PromisePay stores your financial data in a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant vault. Should PromisePay or MyJobStream ever be compromised, your data remains safe, secure and fully protected.


Fraud detection measures ensure your safety
We take stringent measures to combat fraud and financial crime. PromisePay uses a combination of fraud detection systems to ensure you’re protected from anybody with harmful intentions.


An extra layer of identity protection
At each step of the payment process, you will be asked to prove your identity through mobile phone verification. This ensures that only you can make transactions, adding another layer of protection from identity fraud.


All information is fully encrypted
All transaction details are protected using industry leading 256bit SSL encryption both before and during transmission from your browser to PromisePay, protecting you from any potential eavesdropping.


Get in touch
Please contact MyJobStream customer support here if you have any questions or concerns with the process.



About PromisePay
PromisePay exists to provide payment products that help everyone transact simply and securely online. From contractors and freelancers who provide services for their clients, to buyers purchasing goods and items from sellers, PromisePay provides simple and elegant solutions that set new global industry standards for online payments.